Saturday, August 15, 2009


Even Super Heroes need protection from the elements. EG was spotted out this morning braving the showers, and, despite the ability to dry herself in a matter of seconds, was sporting a large umbrella:


Hopefully clearer skies will be here to stay for the rest of us mere mortals during the Festival...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Super Gaggle

It was a veritable Super Hero feast over in the Pleasance Dome today:


EG was spotted out with some fellow lycra clad lovelies who are also making a flying visit during the Festival. Good to see a smile back on her face after yesterday's foiled plan...


Well, what can I say Extraordinary Fans?! A very rare flare of anger was caught on camera yesterday:


Not one to usually destroy public property (except in cases where it is necessary for the greater good) or even lose her temper - EG was spotted taking her frustration out on a bollard off Bristo Square.

Rumour has it that this outburst was due to a thwarted capture of scientist (turned evil genius) Megalomaniac Man only minutes earlier.

More photos as I have them...

Lance Mackenzie signing off.